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  • Twitching the Hinksford Hoopoe

    Yesterday we decided to go and find the "Hinksford Hoopoe" which has been hanging around in the West Midlands for the last couple of months. Now, I've seen hoopoes before, I've seen hoopoes in Britain before, but never near Dudley in January!  As this guy has been hanging around for over 60 days now I thought it was time to get him before he disappears. Firstly, finding the place - drive through Wall Heath on the Enville Road heading west towards Hinksford. When you get to the end of the houses you will see a bus stop and turning circle... read more

  • Penduline Tits in Gloucester

    For the last couple of weeks or so there have been two male Penduline Tits at a place near Gloucester called Horsebere Flood Alleviation Pool (or something similar). Basically if you find the Premier Inn on the A417 then its the pond opposite over the footbridge.  There was no sign of Lenny Henry laying in a bed twitching the birds, but its the right place. This was our second visit. On the first occasion we heard them and had very briefly glimpses so this time we were hoping for better.  Despite the very strong wind we got decent views of... read more

  • Sponsorship of Norfolk Bird Race and Wader Quest

    One of the main tasks in organising the Norfolk Bird Race (other than trying to win the thing this year) is to raise awareness and sponsorship for our chosen charity, which this year is Wader Quest.  However, in these confused and troubled times, it is very hard to get companies and organisations to commit to sponsoring charities, particularly it seems, conservation and wildlife charities. Therefore, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and give Wader Quest 10% of Verdant Wildlife's profits for 2016. AND if we lose the bird race this year, we will give 20%.... read more

  • News: Norfolk Bird Race 2016

    The Norfolk Bird Race is back for 2016! After the success of the inaugural event last year (although my team lost by 1 bird in the end), the race is back bigger and better than ever.  This year's race will be held on 30th April 2016 and will be raising money for the wonderful Wader Quest, who do so much great work in the field of wader research and conservation. So far we have three teams, Norfolk (last year's winners), my team (complete with new recruits raring to go) and Wader Quest. We are always looking for participants, sponsors... read more

  • A Birding Big Year on a Budget

    This year I have decided to try and see 300+ species of bird in the UK in the same calendar year. Right, before we go any further let’s get one thing straight, seeing 300 species in the UK in a year isn’t as difficult as it sounds, it just takes time, money and effort. Anyone with enough time and plenty of money can do it, you don’t even need to know what you are looking at - you can even pay guides like me to identify the birds for you and point them out to you so in essence, the... read more

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