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  • The River Trent

    Spent a very pleasant morning walking along the Trent Valley Way between Fiskerton and Newark this morning. It was a bright, sunny morning, cold and clear (dare I say autumnal yet?) which after the last few days of constant rain came as a welcome change. The river was flowing fast, coloured brown and swollen with the run-off from the surrounding arable land but the air was cool and still. River Trent   As I walked along the river bank I noted several herons, all stood statuesque, motionless, waiting to spring into action when an unsuspecting fish came their way. There was... read more

  • The Swifts

    I noticed today that the swifts that have been screeching around the house all summer have gone. Just as quickly as they arrive at the end of April, they suddenly decide it's time to head off on their long migration to Africa and disappear. British summers wouldn't be the same without these acrobatic visitors populating our skies, but we still know very little about them. Swifts [photographed by Keta]   Migration has always fascinated me, how something so small can travel so far. To put it into perspective, an adult swift weighs about 45g, which is less... read more

  • North Yorkshire Bird Tour

    Yesterday I took a break from the Olympics to lead one of our North Yorkshire bird tours for a lovely retired couple on holiday in Yorkshire. After picking them up from their bed and breakfast we headed straight to Forge Valley Woods NNR¬†near Scarborough. ¬†Forge Valley Woods is one of the best examples of a mixed deciduous woodland in North Yorkshire, nestling along the steep slopes of the River Derwent. Although notable for it's geological features and the ironstone forge that was once present there, the woods are also great for birds and wild flowers. Forge Valley Woods NNR   We... read more

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