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  • Grey Seals at Donna Nook

    We arrived at the beach this morning and it was full of fat, blubbery individuals as far as the eye could see. Numerous fights were breaking out and the noise and smell was incredible. I am of course talking about a visit to the fabulous Donna Nook and the vast numbers of breeding grey seals that reside there at this time of year.   Grey Seals at Donna Nook   If you haven't been to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's grey seal colony at Donna Nook then  you really should go, especially in November/December when the seal pups are at their cutest!... read more

  • Beginners Birdwatching Courses - Inland Water Bodies

    This last week we have been running our Beginners Birdwatching Courses for Inland Water Bodies. All the participants had previously been out on our Woodland and Farmland course so we started with a quick refresher to see how much they remembered, which was quite a lot. Both days started with a walk round Bevercotes Pit Wood where we did our refresher session as we walked towards the pond. A few wigeon, coots and a couple of mute swans got us off to a gentle start, and the black-headed gulls in their winter plumage eased us into the tricky but rewarding... read more

  • Budby Forest South in Autumn

    Another unseasonally warm day today as we headed off to Budby Common and Budby Forest South. Not a lot of bird or mammal activity around today save for a few jays busily flying across the heathland, stashing acorns for the winter to come. We were also treated to a "snow storm" of long-tailed tits, that descended like frantic snowflakes from the tree canopy while we were sat having a break. The autumn colours are really in full swing now and many of the trees were dropping leaves in the slightest of breezes. Sycamore in Autumn   The beech woodland was looking... read more

  • Verdant Wildlife on Social Media

    We have been getting a lot of new visitors to our website recently so we thought it might be a good time to remind you about our presence on some of the social media platforms out there. We use each one slightly differently so to help you decide if you want to join us, we have described them all below. If you want to know what we are up to in "real time" then you can follow us on Twitter. If we see anything exciting while we are out and about we try and let others know as soon as... read more

  • Stuck for a Christmas Gift Idea?

    Are you wondering what to get the wildlife enthusiast in your life for Christmas?  How about one of our Full Day Gift Vouchers? They can be redeemed against any of our tours and until 24th December we will be giving a FREE upgrade to our Premier Picnic Lunch which includes a choice of luxury sandwich fillings, extra snacks and sparkling wine, beer or cider. Perfect for the wildlife watcher who has everything.  ... read more

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