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  • Christmas Wildlife Gifts - Mammals, Insects and Fish

    In the last of our Christmas wildlife gift reviews we focus on books about mammals, insects and fish. Hope you hav enjoyed our wildlife gifts series of blogs, hopefully there is something for any wildlife lover out there. If you have any other ideas of suggestions we'd love to hear from you by email (, Facebook or Twitter (@VerdantWildlife) Where to Watch Mammals in Britain and Ireland by Richard Moores I'm a sucker for a site guide and this is from the publisher of some of the best for birdwatchers. It can be used in two ways: firstly, by... read more

  • Christmas Wildlife Gifts - Children's Books and Toys

    In the last in our festive series of blogs we look at wildlife books and toys to get your children interested in nature. Nature Detectives' Handbook by Barbara Taylor Now this is a brilliant way of getting children actively involved in citizen science. Full of factfiles on different species, this encourages kids to get out and see how the world changes through the seasons, and then record their findings online. This is a great way to get youngsters to see what a positive impact they can have. A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies Aimed at... read more

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