• Photo Blog: A Scottish Summer in Pictures

    As you may well know, I spent the summer working in the Scottish uplands. During this time I also had the opportunity to visit other areas of Scotland such as Wester Ross, Angus, Cairngorms and Uist.  Here are a few pictures of the summer that say much more than any words could. Gorse at sunrise Angus Rainbow Autumn in Aberdeenshire Dew on Cobweb Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Autumn on the Angus Coast Ptarmigan Berneray Beach Devil's Bit Scabious Peregrine on a post Rainbow on South Uist Twite Wheatear... read more

  • Book Review: Urban Peregrines by Ed Drewitt

    Urban Peregrines by Ed Drewitt Ed Drewitt's name may be familiar to many people from his writing for BBC Wildlife Magazine, or his pieces on Springwatch. He is also very popular in the Bristol area for the many walks and talks he carries out to help introduce the public to the wonders of natural history in the Bristol area and beyond. Anyone who has been on one of his guided walks or nature holidays will vouch for his knack of engaging his audience and the pleasure he gets in sharing his wealth of knowledge. He now brings these talents to... read more

  • Looking up for Peregrines

    Yesterday I was sat "working" in the garden at Verdant Towers. My eyes drifted upwards and I spent a few moments admiring the swifts, swallows and house martins as they darted and dived across the sky. Suddenly all hell broke loose and birds scattered everywhere, alarm calling frantically. What was the cause of this commotion? A peregrine falcon drifting into view and lazily circling overhead, punctuated with the occasional flurry of rapid wing beats. It's great to see peregrines more frequently these days. As with most raptors they suffered huge declines due to DDT and persecution, but as we... read more

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