• Review: Birds and Bird Books Christmas 2014

    Each year we review and recommend our favourite bird-related books. Hope you like our choices for Christmas 2014, let us know. Andrew A Message from Martha: The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and Its Relevance Today (Natural History Narratives) by Mark Avery When Martha the Passenger Pigeon died on September 1st 1914 in Cincinnati Zoo, the last of her species was gone forever. What is so remarkable about her species' extinction is that this wasn't a bird that had always struggled to exist, but was once the most abundant bird on Earth. That the pigeon had numbered in the billions... read more

  • Review: Nature Writing Christmas 2014

    There is a long history of brilliant nature writing and in this post we review our favourites for Christmas 2014. Hope you like them. Andrew H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald Critically acclaimed, this has deservedly just won this year's Samuel Johnson Prize for the best non-fiction writing. Macdonald had become obsessed with becoming a falconer as a child but it is her father's death in later life that leads her into making this a reality. She attempts to deal with her grief through the training of a Goshawk she buys in Scotland, learning as much about herself... read more

  • Book Review: Urban Peregrines by Ed Drewitt

    Urban Peregrines by Ed Drewitt Ed Drewitt's name may be familiar to many people from his writing for BBC Wildlife Magazine, or his pieces on Springwatch. He is also very popular in the Bristol area for the many walks and talks he carries out to help introduce the public to the wonders of natural history in the Bristol area and beyond. Anyone who has been on one of his guided walks or nature holidays will vouch for his knack of engaging his audience and the pleasure he gets in sharing his wealth of knowledge. He now brings these talents to... read more

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