Guest Blog: Is Your Business Harming the Environment?

This blog is a little bit different from the norm as we are lucky enough to have a guest blogger writing for us and Thomson Ecology. Amber is a writer and editor for Absolute Articles, an up and coming article directory. She has vast experience writing about many differing topics from where to holiday to wildlife guides, and has worked alongside a whole host of small to medium sized businesses. You can read her article below. Andrew

Is Your Business Harming The Local Wildlife?

When it comes to running a company there are various factors that get thrown into the mix, and one thing some businesses tend to push to one side is the impact of their business on the local scenery and animals. Everyone knows they need to be a bit more sensible when it comes to being eco-friendly, but there are some things they may not be aware of that could be slowly but surely damaging the native creatures and plants. Here we take a much closer look at some of the things that should be remembered when making sure your business doesn’t tarnish what mother nature provided us.


Think About Your Waste

When it comes to waste products most of us are aware that many items we tend to throw away can be recycled or reused. What you might not think about is that if you are throwing away a lot of food products it can attract all sorts of animals to your doorstep which isn’t a good thing. Scavengers such as foxes or crows might be very drawn to your premises, but if you’re based near a main road some of these animals might die before they reach you. Not only this but some animals could get tangled in some of the packaging or wires you may be throwing out. All your bins should be locked up when not in use to ensure no animals get trapped and to make sure they aren’t unnaturally drawn to your business site.


Be Aware Of Any Pollution

Pollution, defined simply, is the act of introducing foreign materials into the eco system that are hazardous, dangerous or deadly to any and all local inhabitants. Several large companies have been caught in the firing line when it comes to their activities in this regard. After all we’ve all heard horror stories about oil companies having to fix spills and power plants damaging our vital ozone layer. You need to be fully aware of the type of materials that your business uses or produces as well as the quantities, and they need to be handled correctly to ensure everyone’s safety. The last thing you want is for your company to be responsible for killing off a local species due to lack of care and diligence.


Consider Expansion Plans

You may find that at some point you discover the key to success and wish to expand what you have into something that will bring in more money. By all means you can place your hat where you please, but you need to remember the creatures that got there first. Before you do any building work you will first need to assess the areas you are looking to take over, be it local or in a different town, and talk to ecology experts about what wildlife currently resides there and if there are any specific areas you will have no choice but avoiding. By law some spaces are protected and can’t be touched. If you went ahead without guidance you could find yourself in court.


Make Others Accountable

If your type of business is one that means you receive a lot of visitors day in and day out it would be an excellent idea to inform them of their role within the area. This can be done with simple things like signs reminding people not to litter and to use the right bins for the right trash. Some businesses go as far as being patrons for particular environmental agencies or charities to make everyone involved with them aware that they are doing what they can to keep the grass green and to stabilise local species. It’s all very well if you’re doing your bit, but you need to make sure others are doing theirs too.


For more information about keeping your business green and to see what your business can do to make a difference why not look around the web or talk to your local ecologist consultancy.


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  • Chris R-D

    Great article Amber! Every business should definitely try to be more aware of local wildlife around them, it seems so many of them these days just don't care at all.

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