• Summer Surveying in Scotland

    This summer I am going to be working in the Scottish Uplands undertaking surveying on several locations in Perthshire and Angus. This means the usual Verdant day trips will be postponed for the summer and begin again in the autumn.  I am looking forward to spending time in the uplands and having the opportunity to get close to Scottish nature, not to mention enjoying views like the one below. View from the "office"... read more

  • News: Nottingham Students Create Wildlife Habitat at Pastures Vineyard

    Last Sunday dawned, crisp and clear. Perfect for a day in the outdoors doing something good for nature. For the last year or so I have been working with Pastures Vineyard in Nottinghamshire to help them create a wildlife-friendly vineyard. On Sunday, with the help of students from Nottingham University's Conservation Society we embarked on creating a hibernaculum. A hibernaculum literally means a "tent for winter quarters" in latin and is the zoological term for a place where creatures escape the cold of the winter and hibernate until the warmth of spring returns. In this instance we were building a... read more

  • Photo Blog: Autumn Woodland Walks

    Autumn is my favourite season of the year and it is a great time to get out into the woodlands for a walk. As the leaves start to change colour and fall a woodland can take on a whole new character and birds that have been hiding amongst the foliage during the summer start to show themselves again. An early morning walk can often have the added magic of a frost or a misty start and an evening walk can lend itself to some dramatic sunsets as the pictures below will hopefully show. // Autumn Leaves... read more

  • Photo Blog: North Norfolk in Summer

    We recently spent a few days last week in the North Norfolk area bird watching and enjoying the countryside. Norfolk is famous for its wildlife and bird watching and always provides us with some fantastic wildlife watching days. During the trip we managed a list of 97 bird species although this could have been many more as we missed some quite common species and saw lots of fantastic flowers and insects. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words so bearing that in mind I will stop writing and post some photos of the trip instead...................... read more

  • Photo Blog: Choughs and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

    It has been a while since I've encountered the most charismatic of corvids, namely the chough so yesterday I decided to take a trip to Pembrokeshire and have a walk along the coastal path there. It has always been a great place to see choughs and it didn't disappoint as you will see from the photos of the day below...... Cliff Stack - Pembrokeshire Coast Path // Cliffs - Pembrokeshire Coast Path Dark Green Fritillary - Pembrokeshire Coast Path Eyebright - Pembrokeshire Coast Path Herring Gull - Pembrokeshire Coast... read more

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