• Photo Blog: North Norfolk in Summer

    We recently spent a few days last week in the North Norfolk area bird watching and enjoying the countryside. Norfolk is famous for its wildlife and bird watching and always provides us with some fantastic wildlife watching days. During the trip we managed a list of 97 bird species although this could have been many more as we missed some quite common species and saw lots of fantastic flowers and insects. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words so bearing that in mind I will stop writing and post some photos of the trip instead...................... read more

  • Photo Blog: Choughs and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

    It has been a while since I've encountered the most charismatic of corvids, namely the chough so yesterday I decided to take a trip to Pembrokeshire and have a walk along the coastal path there. It has always been a great place to see choughs and it didn't disappoint as you will see from the photos of the day below...... Cliff Stack - Pembrokeshire Coast Path // Cliffs - Pembrokeshire Coast Path Dark Green Fritillary - Pembrokeshire Coast Path Eyebright - Pembrokeshire Coast Path Herring Gull - Pembrokeshire Coast... read more

  • Photo Blog: Isle of May

    We were up in Edinburgh at the weekend to visit the Scottish Bird Fair at Hopetoun House which overlooks the Firth of Forth and is in the shadow of the impressive Forth Rail Bridge. Having spent the Saturday at the Bird Fair we decided to escape the crowds and head over to the Isle of May from North Berwick on the Sunday. The trip runs from the Scottish Seabird Centre and crosses the Forth on a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).  This gives a few hours to walk around the Isle of May and its bird observatory and then a whiz... read more

  • Wildlife Gift Ideas - Plants, Trees, Fungi and Botany

    I often get emails asking me what books or equipment I would recommend and so with Christmas on the way I thought it would be a good time to put a few blog posts together with some of my favourites.  This blog will concentrate on plants, trees, fungi and botany but look out for future posts on birds, mammals and other cool stuff coming soon. The Wild Flower Key (Revised Edition) - How to identify wild plants, trees and shrubs in Britain and Ireland I’ve always loved this book by Francis Rose and the updated version by Clare O’Reilly holds... read more

  • Wildlife Identification - Sometimes it's OK not to know...

    One of the most common comments I get during our trips and tours is “If you weren’t here we wouldn’t have known what that bird/mammal/insect/plant was.” Comments like this are very gratifying and it’s great for me otherwise I’d be out of a job, but it got me thinking – does it actually matter if we don’t know what we are looking at? Now I may be shooting myself in the proverbial foot here, but I’d suggest that sometimes it doesn’t! Vaguer Waders? Natural history, ecology and taxonomy have a long history of finding and identifying creatures down to species level. This... read more

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