Fallow Deer

  • Fallow Deer and Owls

    Sunday saw the first North Nottinghamshire Wildlife Safari of 2013 with Kim and Rachel. We met at Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor and before we'd even said our hellos a mistle thrush flew over calling noisily. We headed straight off to the nearby Daneshill Lakes where the sunlight glinted off the water as we scanned our binoculars across the lake - mallard, shoveler, coot, goosander, Canada goose and mute swan were soon spotted, along with a few odd looking cross-breed ducks. We also listened to a few bird songs and calls as the birds were clearly enjoying the sunshine... read more

  • Fallow Deer Rut

    Deer are secretive creatures and being mainly crepuscular (actively at twilight) and nocturnal adds to the challenge of seeing them. However, at this time of year most stags only have one thing on their mind and can be seen much more frequently during daylight hours. During the autumn male deer (stags) fight against each other in a test of strength and stamina called the rut. The strongest stag will hold onto and mate with the most females, thus ensuring his genes are continued within the herd. We came across this young male stag having a rest under his favourite tree... read more

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