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  • North Wales Bird Tour

    It was a very early start the other day for a bespoke day trip to North Wales. The relentless wet summer continues and it was raining heavily as we left Nottinghamshire, so I was expecting more of the same in the principality. However, by the time we reached Stoke the rain had stopped, the clouds had thinned and there were even hints of blue sky.  As we drove along the A50 past the Britannia Stadium in Stoke we spotted a peregrine crashing through a flock of pigeons wreaking havoc. Not a bad bit of bird watching from the fast... read more

  • Gulls and Terns at Whisby

    I had a meeting in Lincoln yesterday but on the way home I got stuck in the notoriously bad traffic jams on the A46. It was a sunny afternoon and I always keep a pair of binoculars with me, so I made an impulsive decision to turn off and pop into Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Whisby Nature Reserve for an hour or two until the traffic died down.   The car park was nearly empty when I arrived and the visitor centre was shut, so I headed to the Sightings Board to see what was about. Sightings for nightingale, Mediterranean... read more

  • Nightjars on Budby Common

    After what seems like weeks of wet weather, we finally got a calm, clear, sunny evening which enabled us to go up to Budby Common at dusk and look for nightjars. These elusive summer visitors come to the UK from their African wintering grounds. They are incredibly well camouflaged, secretive and nocturnal, which makes spotting them quite a challenge. Budby Common with it’s combination of grazing land and open heath makes it one of the best places in the midlands to see nightjars. We arrived at about 8.30pm to get a feel for the site and to try... read more

  • North Nottinghamshire Bird Tour

    Today was the date for the first North Nottinghamshire Bird Tour of 2012, so I've had an eye on the local bird and weather reports for the last few days. On the bird front things were looking promising, on the weather front - well to use a weatherman's phrase, the weather was "changeable" to say the least.   Sherwood Heath   I met the four participants in the car park at the Ollerton Tourist Information Centre and after the introductions we began the tour. As we spoke, a coal tit began to sing from a nearby tree and without... read more

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