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  • Photo Blog: A Scottish Summer in Pictures

    As you may well know, I spent the summer working in the Scottish uplands. During this time I also had the opportunity to visit other areas of Scotland such as Wester Ross, Angus, Cairngorms and Uist.  Here are a few pictures of the summer that say much more than any words could. Gorse at sunrise Angus Rainbow Autumn in Aberdeenshire Dew on Cobweb Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Autumn on the Angus Coast Ptarmigan Berneray Beach Devil's Bit Scabious Peregrine on a post Rainbow on South Uist Twite Wheatear... read more

  • Summer Surveying in Scotland

    This summer I am going to be working in the Scottish Uplands undertaking surveying on several locations in Perthshire and Angus. This means the usual Verdant day trips will be postponed for the summer and begin again in the autumn.  I am looking forward to spending time in the uplands and having the opportunity to get close to Scottish nature, not to mention enjoying views like the one below. View from the "office"... read more

  • News: Sponsored Bird Race - Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair

    On 9th May 2015, I am organising and taking part in a 24 hour sponsored “bird race” in which we will attempt to see or hear as many species as we possibly can in the Norfolk and Suffolk area. The race will be held in association with Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair and the winners will be announced at the fair the following weekend. The money we raise will be split between the British Trust for Ornithology’s House Martin Appeal (a cause close to my heart) and a local conservation project in East Anglia which will be voted for by... read more

  • News: Barn Owl and Kestrel Boxes for National Nest Box Week 2015

    Today is an important day. Today is 14th February, which as I am sure you all know is the beginning of the BTO’s National Nest Box Week, during which we are encouraged to clean out our existing nest boxes, put up new ones where possible and then monitor them during the breeding season.  To that end I have been working with Pastures Vineyard in South Nottinghamshire to make two kestrel boxes and a barn owl box. We found, scavenged and re-purposed bits of wood, felt, bark chip, nails and screws to make the boxes to keep the costs down (as... read more

  • News: Nottingham Students Create Wildlife Habitat at Pastures Vineyard

    Last Sunday dawned, crisp and clear. Perfect for a day in the outdoors doing something good for nature. For the last year or so I have been working with Pastures Vineyard in Nottinghamshire to help them create a wildlife-friendly vineyard. On Sunday, with the help of students from Nottingham University's Conservation Society we embarked on creating a hibernaculum. A hibernaculum literally means a "tent for winter quarters" in latin and is the zoological term for a place where creatures escape the cold of the winter and hibernate until the warmth of spring returns. In this instance we were building a... read more

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