• Advice: Five Autumn Photo Opportunities

    Summer is over and autumn is most definitely here. With the season of fog, frost and autumn colours comes the chance for some great photo opportunities.   1. Sunrises The moist air and clear skies overnight can often lead to some striking sunrise scenes if you are keen enough to be up at the crack of dawn and waiting for that perfect shot. Experiment with photographing towards the sunrise (yes, I know that photography books tell you not to do this, but its a digital age and you can always delete the pictures if they are no good) and try to... read more

  • Photo Blog: Autumn Woodland Walks

    Autumn is my favourite season of the year and it is a great time to get out into the woodlands for a walk. As the leaves start to change colour and fall a woodland can take on a whole new character and birds that have been hiding amongst the foliage during the summer start to show themselves again. An early morning walk can often have the added magic of a frost or a misty start and an evening walk can lend itself to some dramatic sunsets as the pictures below will hopefully show. // Autumn Leaves... read more

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