Twitching the Hinksford Hoopoe

Yesterday we decided to go and find the "Hinksford Hoopoe" which has been hanging around in the West Midlands for the last couple of months. Now, I've seen hoopoes before, I've seen hoopoes in Britain before, but never near Dudley in January!  As this guy has been hanging around for over 60 days now I thought it was time to get him before he disappears.

Firstly, finding the place - drive through Wall Heath on the Enville Road heading west towards Hinksford. When you get to the end of the houses you will see a bus stop and turning circle on your right. Park here. You can then either head up the alleyway behind the houses (as we did) or people seem to be climbing the gate into the old quarry/landfill and walk up the hill.  Either way you will end up at the back of the field near a few trees, brambles and scruffy ground.

Wall Heath Wall Heath

We stood here for at least an hour along with a few other people who joined us. Save for a very fleeting glimpse as the bird flew over and then behind the trees, we saw nothing. It began to remind me why I gave up twitching, the long journeys, the guilt about spending all that money on petrol whilst giving off carbon emissions, all the old feelings of twitching despair were flooding back. The only highlight was two ravens, another bird I haven't previously associated with the urban sprawl of the West Midlands.  Then a voice from behind us up the hill alerted us to the fact the hoopoe had doubled back on us and was now sitting proudly on a fence post.  A few quick blurry pics to prove it and some great views of the bird later before the bird hopped down onto an old gas bottle and sat obligingly (if slightly obscured for several more minutes).

Hoopoe on a post Hoopoe on a post

Hoopoe Location Hoopoe Location

Hoopoe on a gas bottle Hoopoe on a gas bottle

I've had better views of hoopoe (see below) in more glamorous places but it's still nice to see one and I am not complaining. Job done.

Hoopoe Hoopoe in Spain
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