Corporate Events

Team Building

With over a decade in the IT industry prior to staring Verdant Wildlife we are more than aware how dry and dull team building days can be. On our corporate days there isn't a Powerpoint presentation in sight and the only "blue sky" thinking will be the sky above us in the great outdoors. There's nothing like some fresh air in the great British countryside for breaking down barriers, helping people relax and for stimulating those creative juices. So tell us what you would like and what you want to achieve from the day and we'll do the rest. 

If you are looking for something a little different for your corporate days then here are a few ideas to whet your appetite

- a wildlife walk in the Derbyshire Dales followed by a hearty pub lunch

- a woodland-based treasure trail in North Nottinghamshire followed by afternoon tea in a 16th century hotel

- or how about a North Yorkshire seashore safari and then some fish and chips?

[Team building events don't always need to end with food or drink but we do find it helps!]

Already got your team building day planned - how about using us for an ice-breaker or breakout session to reinvigorate your staff during the day? Confused about corporate responsibility when it comes to the environment or wanting to find a way for your company to become more eco-friendly - give us a call, we can help.

Corporate Gifts

Our wildlife experience gift vouchers also make great employee rewards or corporate gifts and will make you stand out from the usual corporate gifts and trinkets.

If you would like to discuss using Verdant Wildlife for your corporate events then please call Andrew on 07783 243183 or email